Environmental Management Coordination Office (GCA)

The Environmental Management Coordination Office (GCA) aims at joining efforts to make UFSC an ever more sustainable institution.

 CGA’s responsibilities are:

  • set up and disseminate UFSC environmental guidelines;
  • organize an environmental database;
  • create and monitor sustainability indicators;
  • contribute to the solution of problems related to environmental issues, within the scope of UFSC’s responsibilities;
  • prepare monitoring reports for environmental-related programs signed by UFSC and others that may be deemed necessary;
  • raise the university community’s awareness about the environmental issue and promote the rational use of resources;
  • offer administrative support to the Sustainability Commission;
  • offer technical support to UFSC in the environmental area;
  • foster projects and actions aimed at promoting sustainability on UFSC campuses;
  • stimulate and assist in the implementation and execution of environmental programs (UFSC Sustainable Logistics Plan; Environmental Agenda in Public Administration – A3P, Cost Efficiency);
  • contribute to the maintenance of UFSC green areas, specially permanent conservation areas;
  • promote the inclusion of sustainability criteria in UFSC’s procurement processes and works;
  • analyze and clarify administrative processes coming from federal (Federal Public Prosecution Office, Federal Court of Auditors, Federal Justice, Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources – IBAMA), state (Environment Foundation – FATMA) and municipal (Florianópolis Municipal Environment Foundation – FLORAM, Florianópolis Municipal Government) agencies;
  • provide environmental auditing for other UFSC sectors and departments.

Coordinator: Rogério Portanova

Phone: +55 (48) 3721-4202

E-mail: gestaoambiental@contato.ufsc.br

Website: http://gestaoambiental.ufsc.br/